martes, 8 de julio de 2008

Fwd: - Access your life June/July edition


llevo unos días probando esto.

os lo recomiendo y es para plantearse la opción de pago al mes.. realmente funciona genial.

sóc en dani ;-)

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Welcome to the June/July edition of's "Access Your Life" magazine. Please read on to discover the latest news, special offers and tips & tricks to enhance your experience with us. Wins The Web User Gold Award

Contents Scoops Gold Award!

April 2008 Web User Gold Award Winner - Free Online Storage (5 STARS)

We'd like to thank the panel at Web User magazine for graciously giving us a Gold Award and 5 Stars in their online storage reviews. received the following praise:

"This fantastic, flexible service is superior to the competition in nearly every way."

"It's intuitively designed and very easy to use."

"Impressively flexible."

"Music and videos can be played directly through the site and text documents can be edited in your usual word processor without you needing to download them."

Please feel free to read the details here

Suitably chuffed, we invite you to celebrate with us and help yourself to the Premium Service for 25% off the usual price!

Take advantage of this time limited offer now!

Get The Premium Service For 25% Off!

Pop your cork with our half price offer for a massive 100GB of space, the security of SSL Encrypted File Transfer and the freedom to synchronise and backup your computer with our PC desktop client.

Bigger, safer, better and 25% off for a strictly limited time. If you were thinking about moving to Premium, now's definitely the time for you to log in to your account by clicking this link right away!

Enhancements To Your Service

Support Updates

Driven by user feedback and suggestions, we launch a new support section in July designed to answer your questions faster than before. This interface will soon let you type in a question and our quick response server will find the answer.

You'll also find a new list of the most popular questions for instant access and if these measures still don't resolve the issue, you'll be guided to a form for direct interaction with a member of our support team who will assist you.

Technical Updates

Increasingly, is prepared to wave whichever flag you want us to so we're launching support for time zones in your accounts. Now you can certainly feel at home with wherever you access your life from.

To change your time zone simply go to My Account and click on "Preferences".

We're also preparing a new FAQ section for our German users - and for those of you who recently chanted "Qui ne saute pas n'est pas Francais!", at least we can commiserate and promise that the whole website will soon be available in French for you. Resellers Benefit From Our Success!

Join us. Do what we do. It's no secret anymore! Now you too can profit from selling great value online storage to a rapidly expanding market with an estimated value of $700m by the year 2010. Now, it couldn't be easier for you to re-sell our award-winning product in your branding.

You don't need a bombproof bank vault full of the latest clustered servers or miles of cables and wires. You don't even need Mr. Goldfinger's favourite door. Just a click opens up all the possibilities we can offer you right here Workspace - Access Your Business Life

In August 2008, we're launching a brand new service aimed at business users called, Workspace. This multi-user evolution of the you already know will incorporate innovative communication and messaging features to ensure your traveling and remotely-located personnel all stay on the same page as those in your HQ.

The new business solution replaces the need for an exchange file server and back up server. It's quicker, cheaper and faster and the data is stored in the most secure of environments while still allowing access from virtually any Internet location.

With the latest versions of business files accessible to all - based on hierarchies you can easily design - Workspace is a force multiplier allowing SMEs to punch above their weight across international markets. Specifications will include:

  • Multiple User Logins allow administrators to rank file permissions.
  • Teamspace environments for hierarchical or universal information access.
  • Virus scanning engines eliminate malware and other pests picked up on travels.
  • Configurable Snapshots for safe, daily backups.
  • Branded interface to match your corporate identity.
  • Accounts available in Small and Large for economy.

For more information or simply to register your interest please email with "Workspace" in the subject field.

How To

...synchronise your files, photos, music and videos across computers.

  1. Download and install the PC client software (available as a free 14 day trial in the Basic Account) on every computer that you want to have access to your account.
  2. Install the humyo drive on the desktop of all participating computers and ensure the files you need to share and work with are located on the drive on each participating computer. These are automatically uploaded to your online account.
  3. You will need to enter your email and password into the PC client software on every computer you wish to have automatic access to your account.
  4. When any participating computers are logged onto the site, users (whether yourself or a friend) will all be able to edit and view files simultaneously.
  5. All computers with the PC client desktop software installed will thus keep files synched if both online.

For more information about using the PC client software, please click here

You will find - in a very short time - that this functionality takes your online storage to the next level. So while you can, upgrade to our Premium account at the special discounted rate to allow continued use of the PC client software. For more information simply click here

We look forward to welcoming you as a Premium Customer.

Thanks for reading the June/July issue of "Access Your Life".

We genuinely appreciate all feedback and suggestions regarding the content of the newsletter and the website, so please feel free to email us direct at with "newsletter" or "feedback" in the subject line.

Happy sharing and saving!

The Team.

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